Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Favourite SCA Moment

On Facebook, Ealdormere's Queen has asked Her subjects to share their Most Memorable Moment in the SCA. This was my answer

I've seen so many things, and I've been able to do so many things, I otherwise would not to choose just one? I have gained fond acquaintances, good friends, belt-sisters, raven-family, squire-brothers, sword-brothers, peers that truly inspire me...what one interaction with them can sum up the whole?

Was it emerging from my tent at my first ever War Practice (precursor to War of the Trillium) to find an empty camp save for a three year old Adelaide who had likewise risen early, sitting down by the firepit and having a fully fledged conversation with her? This being the same Adelaide I have had the opportunity to see blossom into a wonderful young lady, who once danced the colour purple for me, who loves animals in all shapes and sizes, and who is like a niece to me.

Is it my first Pennsic War, driving down the highway and suddenly seeing the sea of tents appear? Wandering the merchant area later one night and watching a shadow puppet show? Being accosted by street performers, spotting a leper, being winked at by a performer, scouring the stalls for a pennanular broach and finding one in literally the last shop?

Was it the first time I fought in battle at Pennsic War, where I stood with my fellow Isengesethr with Baron Cynred at our head, iron rings on our arms, clashing our shields and raising our voices in songs of glory and homeland?

Was it returning from War and singing Home as we crossed the bridge back into Canada?

Was it going to our first event, in fully researched garb we had made ourselves, and being praised by the Queen and Baroness Gaerwen, who told our canton seneschal we were keepers?

Is it this week, seeing just how many pictures of Gulf Wars feature my fellow Ealdormereans, especially our King and Queen Nigel and Adrielle, showing their nobility, strength at arms and grace?

Was it the pride I felt when first becoming a squire to Sir Evander and the joy it brought (even though that relationship would eventually end)?

Was it the renewed validation, and showing of my triumph over some of my personal demons, when I later took a knee and became Sir Nigel's fourth squire?

Was it when Adrielle took me on as an apprentice, proving to me that I had worth in the fields of the arts and sciences, and making me a member of House Arrochar on both sides of the family?

Was it taking part in the handfasting of my best friends and housemates, Master Berend and HE Mahault, one quiet night in the swamp at the Pennsic War?

It was all of these, it was more than these, it was everything. So much of the good in me has been forged by the people I've met and the experiences I've had in the SCA. To all of you, I give my humble thanks.