Saturday, May 20, 2017

Aeschine der Welfengau, Award of Arms, 2017

Her hand is weary with writing;
The words always pull at her heart;
She spends her hours in study
To further her skill in her art.

She studies words of the masters,
The flow and the rhythm of lines,
She lives where the music dances
Where wordplay and meanings entwine.

She is a gift to the northland,
A wolf who is destined to sing;
A ram, and poet, and author:
A boon to her Queen and her King.

Therefore do We, Qulliam, King, and Tangwystl, Queen, gift unto our worthy subject Aeschine der Welfengau an Award of Arms. Done on the Feast Day of Saint Sanctan, in the fifty-second year of the Society, in our Canton of Der Welfengau.

Wording by Maister Colyne Stewart, based on “Is scíth mo chrob ón scríbinn” (My Hand is Weary with Writing), an anonymous poem from around 1200.