Colyne acting as herald for Sir Evander and THL Melusine, Spring Crown, 2004.
Photo by THL Eirik Andersen.

Colyne was a pursuivant-at-large of the Ealdormere College of Heralds for many, many years.
He has also been the pursuivant for the Canton of Ardchreag twice.
He is currently the Baronial Herald for Skraeling Althing.

Colyne's Device

gules and argent counter-changed, a fox rampant.

Colyne's Badge

(Fieldless) A feather bendwise sinister sable sustained by a fox's jambe within and issuant from an annulet gules.

Colyne's Achievement of Arms

Badge of Colyne's Household
Fieldless, a fox mask gules within and conjoined to an arch argent.

Colyne's Banner

Photo courtesy tworavens.org
Colyne's Mottos

Current Motto: Verba volent, scripta manent (words are fleeting, writing remains)
Secondary Motto: Colurful and preaux.
Old Motto: Vulpes cum lupo stat (the fox stands with the wolf).

Colyne acting as herald for the Rose Tourney at War of the Trillium 2011.
Photo by THL Eirik Andersen.
Colyne's White Bear Fian badge

Gules, a bear rampant argent, armed and langued azure, collared and chained or.

Badge of the Septentrian Performing Arts Troupe (SPAT).

Colyne acting as court herald at Bonfield Battle (Tournament at Baron's Howe), 2004.
Photo by THL Eirik Andersen.