Friday, April 29, 2016

Poetry Challenge Success! 50 poems for AS 50!

Back on June 3rd 2015 (the second month of AS 50) I made the following challenge:

Hereby do I, Colyne Stewart, as I wish to better myself in all ways, challenge myself to write a number of poems to number no less than fifty in number to mark and celebrate and honour the fiftieth year of our Society. This I pledge on this feast day of Clotilde.

I am pleased to announce that I have just posted the 50th SCA/medieval poem that I have written during the past twelve months to succeed in this challenge! I really tried to challenge myself, by writing in several different genres and forms from many different European cultures and time periods. I had fallen behind in my task and about 20 of these poems were written in the past two months. I hope I did them all justice.

You can find links to all the poems from this challenge on my Challenge page.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Collegium disceptationis poeticae

Yesterday I founded the the Collegium disceptationis poeticae which is a group (on Facebook) for SCA poets who would like to collaborate in the writings of d├ębats, partimens, flyting and other medieval poetic contests.

What I am hoping for is that this group will be used to instigate collaborative writing. If a member has an idea for writing a medieval debate poem, they can post the idea to the group and be matched up with a partner (or partners) as well as judges (if required by their form).

Thursday, April 14, 2016

List of Ealdormerean Blogs

I began a new project today, which is to collect a list of blogs belonging to Ealdormereans.

I know lots of people don't like to toot their own horns, but I would encourage everyone to start an SCA blog. Albums on Facebook are not enough. Most of them aren't set as public, so people who aren't friended with you can't see them. And photo albums don't track your service. You can be proud of what you have done without giving in to Pride. I'm proud of you, and I want to spread your wordfame. You may think no one cares about what you have to say, or do, or make, but that is often far from the truth.

In fact, quite often someone's name will come up in a discussion and I want to point out the cool things they have done and having a blog to point to with fully documented details of how cool and productive they are is really handy. It helps for award recommendations too. Just sayin'.

So, if you have a personal SCA blog, please consider sharing the link with me as I begin to compile this resource!

Please note, I am not looking for links to Facebook profiles (though Facebook pages may be appropriate) or to business/merchanting sites.