Colyne orating at Pikeman's Pleasure 2014. Photo by THL Eirik Andersen.
Colyne was a Bard of Septentria (along with Thorfinna grafeldr) during the reign of Cynred and Gaerwen in AS 36-37 (2002-03). He was also a co-founder of the short lived Septentrian Performing Arts Troupe (SPAT).

At Septentrian Court at Pennsic in 2002 he was given the by-name 'Wordsmith'.

Colyne was the editor of Call of the Wolf IV (pdf), published by the Bardic College of Ealdormere.

Colyne served as Their Majesties Siegfried II and Xristina's Kingdom Bard in AS 51 (2016-17).

During the time of the Great Plague (2019-2021), Colyne took part in a few online bardic events, and was part of the East/Atlantia Alliance for the First Bardic War.


12th Night: A Complete Mangling of Bill's Play

Colyne being named Kingdom Bard. Photo by Alex Sears.

A horn upon his head does grow

A poem is more than words on page

A wolf runs free

AElfwyn Knighting Poem

And scarlet red his flag

Ardchreag Einvigi

Ardchreag Einvigi II

Children’s’Rhyme One
Colyne reading a poem. Photo by Kyle Andrews.

From the Flames Forged

Gannicus the Hibernian, Award of Orion, 2018
As Kingdom Bard, presenting a poem
for a bardic competition.
Photo by Tanya Imre.

Gazel for Shahid al-Hasan

Geld of the Hose

Le Roman d’Arrochar

The Rozakii Poem of Colyne Stewart

Singing in the Quire


Adventures in Ardchreag (satire)

The Ardchreag Rebellion of AS XXXVI (satire)

Articles from the 2003 April Fool's Issue of the TankArd

Berend and the Bear

Brandt Goeth for a Swim

Brandt's Quest for the Three Stars

A Champion for Septentria

The Cliffs of Ardchreag

Duke Sir Bjornsson and the Ring

Eirik and the Rings

Excerpt from the Gardrobes of Ealdormere (satire)

The First Annual Miss High Cliffs Competition (satire)

The Geld of the Hose

Ghosts of Yule

The Great Wolves of Ealdormere

How Bobo Came to the Cliffs

The Knighting of Eirik Andersen (satire)

Mahault and the Magic Belt

Missive from the Knight Marshal (satire)

The Parable of the Animals' Moot

The Parable of the Fox

Septentria and the Green Man

Septentria's Perfect Day

Sir Siegfried and the Snowbeast

The Spirits Choose a Baroness

The Story of How the Ardchreag standard Was Lost, and of How it was Found Again

The Tale of the Badger Broccan

A Tall Tale

Tarian and the Ogre

Thorfinna and the Capture of the Clever Wife

The Troll Hunt (satire)

Wulfgang's Progress

Wulfgang's Surprise