Colyne has written several articles on various aspects of medieval and SCA life, including medieval toilets, games, writing scroll texts and fighting.

Bardic Arts and Writing

Medieval Debate Poetry

Medieval Poetic Forms, Devices and Genres

Mix and Match Scroll Texts

On Performance

On Writing an Award Scroll

The Role of the Ursine Bard

Storytelling: The Art of Oral Recitation

What is a Bard?

Writing a Ballade (Non-musical)

Writing a Fatras

Writing a Leich

Writing a Medieval Letter

Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet

Writing a Triolet

Writing a Virelai


Roman "Meatloaf"

Yuletide Cooking: One Laird's Attempt to Cook at Christmas


Basic Shieldwall Techniques

Once More into the Meatgrinder: Reminiscences of a First Time Pennsic Fighter

Why I Fight


A Brief Timeline of the Medieval Playing Card

Give it a Hurl: The Sport of Hurling

Is Tablero Period, and Should We Care

Period Dice Games: Series One, Easy

Rules of Glic

The Tafl Family of Games: Rules and a Brief History, with an Emphasis on Tablut

Ten Thousand


The Handy Squire's Pontification Guide: How to Look Good in the Lists

Nothing Burns Like Pine, Boy


Adventures in Ardchreag

Booming Border Town: Vest Yorvik

Greenhithe be the Water

The Grey Havens of Septentria: Swan's Keep

Land of Chefs: Caer Draeth


Clank the Dishes, Chip the Plates: What I Learned About Serving at Feast

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