A quick and dirty SCA CV.

Colyne working at the Gate, Spring Crown, 2001.
Photo by THL Thorfinna gra'feldr.

Herald, Barony of Skraeling Althing
Marshal of the Field, Armoured Combat
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Stronghold of Greyfells

Court Herald, TEs Dubhessa and Joffr

Alderman-in-emeritus, Canton of Ardchreag
Curator and Founder, Athenaeum Hectoris
Founder/Producer, Ealdormere at Home
Precentor, the Scriptorium
Scrivener (wordsmith), Ealdormere Scribal College

Working gate, War of the Trillium 2003.
Photo by


Chatelaine, Kingdom of Ealdormere (briefly)
Chronicler, Canton of Ardchreag
Chronicler, Barony of Septentria
Chronicler, Barony of Skraeling Althing
Chronicler, Kingdom of Ealdormere
Clerk Register (webminister), Canton of Ardchreag
Deputy Clerk Register, Barony of Skraeling Althing
Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine
Deputy Kingdom Chronicler
Deputy Knight Marshal, Canton of Ardchreag
Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Septentria (x 2)
Deputy Seneschal, Canton of Ardchreag
Deputy Webminister, Barony of Septentria
Deputy Webminister, Canton of Ardchreag
Pursuivant (x2), Canton of Ardchreag
Herald/Pursuivant-at-large, Ealdormere College of Heralds
Seneschal, Barony of Septentria (x2)
Seneschal, Canton of Ardchreag
Social Media Deputy, Kingdom of Ealdormere, Facebook Group
Social Media Deputy, Barony of Septentria, Facebook Page and Group
Social Media Deputy, Canton of Ardchreag, Facebook Page and Group
Thrown Weapons Marshal
Webminister, Barony of Septentria

Bard, Kingdom of Ealdormere
Baronial Bard, Barony of Septentria
Chancellor of Games, reign of Siegfried I and Ragni
Editor, Kingdom of Ealdormere's Official Youtube Channel
Historian, Barony of Septentria
Historian and Scribe, House Arrochar
Historian, Kingdom of Ealdormere
Member, Communications Committee, Society
Baronial Diversity Committee member, Skraeling Althing

Admin, Armed Might of Ealdormere Facebook Group
Admin, Atheaneum Hectoris Facebook group
Admin, Scriptorium Facebook Group
Admin, Bardic College of Ealdormere Facebook Group
Admin, Barony of Septentria Flickr Pool
Admin, Collegium disceptationis poeticae
Admin, Ealdormere Cartographers Guild Facebook Group
Admin, Games Guild of Ealdormere Facebook Group
Admin, I Live in Ealdormere Facebook Group
Admin, Kingdom of Ealdormere Facebook Page
Admin, Library of Ardchreag Facebook Group
Aletaster, Canton of Ardchreag
Archivist, Barony of Septentria
Archivist and Curator, Archive of St. Etienne
Assistant Managing Editor, Ealdormere Gazette
Bailiff, Canton of Ardchreag
Captain, Cliffguard, Canton of Ardchreag
Captain, the Red Arrow
Captain, Yeoman of the White Arrow, Canton of Ardchreag
Chief Constable, Fire Wardens
Co-Founder, Septentrian Performing Arts Troupe (SPAT)
Correspondent, SCA Today
Deputy Organizer, Trillium Exchange
Founder and former Head, Ealdormerean Cartographers Guild
Head and Founder, Games Guild of Ealdormere
Historian, Canton of Ardchreag
Juror, Canton of Ardchreag
Managing Editor and Founder, Ealdormere Gazette
Organizer, Trillium Exchange
Portrmaster, Canton of Ardchreag
Secretary, Order of the Wain
Secretary (and list admin), White Bear Fian
Webminister, Ealdormere Bardic College
Writer, Ealdormere website
Writer, SCAToday

Assistant Cook
Cellarer (bartender)
Chief of the Scullery (clean-up)
Closet-keeper (poopocrat)
Event Steward
Field Herald
Fire Warden
Games Steward
Hall Herald
Head Gatekeeper
Head Serf (set-up and tear-down)
Head Server
List Herald
List Marshal
Post-Rev Organizer
Royalty Liaison
Sign Steward

  • Order of the Pelican (OP), 2017-03-25 #Maister
  • Order of the Hare Salient (OHS), 2022-07-16 #orchestrating creation of online content during Covid
  • Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2016-09-10 #for continuing service to the kingdom
  • Order of the Wain (WAIN), 2007-07-01
  • Award of the Maiden’s Heart (AMH), 2004-01-17
  • Order of the Bear’s Heart (OBH), 2003-11-29

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