Maister Colyne Stewart's ethereal realm.

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House Arrochar

Most of the members of House Arrochar, Spring Coronation, 2014.
Photo by Alex Sears.

Household of Duchess Adrielle Kerrec, OP, OL and Duke Nigel MacFarlance, KSCA, and their dependents. Colyne is an apprentice to Adrielle, and a squire to Sir Nigel.

House Galbraith

A fraternal household based on an Irish merchant family. Colyne is a raven-brother of the Galbraiths.

The Cennedis

Household of Sir Rory Cennedi the Kid and his dependents. Colyne is a member of the Cennedis as a consort to THL Thorfinna gra'felr.


Sometimes, when a fighter truly inspires me (both on and off the field), and we have a bond and I wish we were squire-brothers, I approach them and ask if they would honour me by being my sword-brother. They are my brothers-in-arms who (aside from my squire-brothers) I would most like to stand with on the field. (A short post about Sword-brothers.)