Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2021-05-22 #being part of the Bardic Army
Court Barony, 2020-12-05
Order of the Pelican (OP), 2017-03-25 #Maister
Order of the Wain (WAIN), 2007-07-01
Order of the Crucible (OC), 2014-09-06
Award of Arms (AoA), 2002-01-12 #Laird
Award of the Maiden’s Heart (AMH), 2004-01-17
Award of the Scarlet Banner (ASB), 2006-04-08
Award of the Scarlet Banner (ASB), 2010-05-15
Award of  Orion (AO), 2013-11-16
Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2013-08-01 #contributions to awards during the reign
Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2014-04-26 #contributions to largesse (Ealdorbears)
Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2016-09-10 #for continuing service to the kingdom
Scroll of Honour (SoH), 2017-04-29 #scribes of Siegfried II and Xristinia
Scroll of Honour (SoH) 2020-09-19 #creating online content during the Plague Year
Bunny Tail, 2020-04-07
Award of the Golden Bear (AGB), 2007-04-14
White Bear Fian (FIAN), 2005-06-04
Order of the Bear’s Heart (OBH), 2003-11-29
Award of the Bear’s Claw (ABC), 2002-08-17
Horn of Wessex (closed) (HORN), 2003-01-11