Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Poem for Me!

For the Lupine Bard
For Master Colyne Stewart upon being named a Vigilant to The Order of the Pelican
By Duchess Kaylah the Cheerful, Feb AS 51 (2017)

Be Merry, Colyne
As midsummer oceans
Serve the pelican.
A noble bird of the sea
With solace and gladness
Much mirth and great aptness
So joyously
So good naturedly
So conscientiously
With humour
His demeanor
Pen flashing
Poetry surpassing
What I can indite
Or suffice to write
Of Colyne Stewart
Scooping up tasks to be
As a pelican
Snaffling fish from the sea.
Patient a tutor,
Magician at the computer,
Not wombat
Acrobat of thought
Well made, well wrought
Compositions always sought
Newsletter Editor,
Literary epicure.
Event expeditor,
Industrious labour
Sempiternal service
Scribe of puppet conical
Historians chronicle
Master Colyne Stewart.

This poem is based on the John Skelton (1460 –1529) poem “Merry Margaret”. I attempted to emulate this poet because writer and literary critic George Puttenham (1529– 1590) asserts John Skelton is a “rude railing rhymer”, which seems about the right level for a stick jock attempting to wield a pen. My best efforts turned out more like “Jabberwocky” than like prose. Sorry, Colyne. I just thought you ought to have a poem along with Marie and myself. (Kellen, you got a cover!)

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