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Colyne's Pelican Elevation Ceremony

This ceremony was written by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracon.

Notes:  The poetry is based on a passage from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The rest of the ceremony is based on the induction ceremony for the Order of the Golden Fleece, translated by Ursula Georges from the fifteenth-century Chronique of Jean le Fevre, Toison d'Or King of Arms.


Herald: Siegfried and Xristina, Velikii Knyaz and Velikii Knyagina of Lord Ealdormere the Great, would hear the petition of the Honourable Laird Colyne Stewart.

(Colyne approaches the throne, accompanied by Mahhild (carrying a reliquary box) and Matilda (carrying the writ)

Colyne:  I saw by your letters that, by your grace and the grace of the greatly honored companions of the honorable order of the Pelican, I have been elected to this order and friendly company, by which I find myself very greatly honored. This I have reverently and gratefully received and accepted, and thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. Thus I have come before you and present myself ready to obey and to do all that I am called to do touching this order. (Presents the writ)

Siegfried: (Looks over the writ) We well remember these letters, and the petition presented by Her Grace, Adrielle

Xristina: Today, you have been examined by your Peers and contemplated the burden of this Order. We would call them forward and hear them bear witness to your virtues and readiness for this burden. 

Herald: The most noble Order of the Pelican is asked to attend Their Majesties.

(Pelicans come forward)

Siegfried: Good Companions of the Pelican, we ask that you attend and hear of the candidate’s virtues, and then we would hear your decision.

Herald (or maybe Nicolaa):  
He bears arms of shining gules and argent,
with the fox counterchanged painted there in richest hues.
Recalls his lineage, from grace descended
A fox’s jamb, a pen sustaining for his sigil.
And why the fox applies to that laird noble,
I intend to tell, though I tarry more than I should.
The fox, fair cunning and full of wit,
Tenacious in token of truth, by the title that he has,
Seven virtues fire the feisty fox:
Franchise in proud bearing, Fortitude, slayer of sloth,
Humility, purgative of Pride, Temperance, the middle path;
Justice, giving each his worth; Honesty in word,
And Courage, great strength of heart
For so it accords with this laird and his bright arms,
Steadily sure in seven ways,
Colyne was for good known, and, as shining silver,
void of every villainy, with virtues adorned
all, so.
And so the fox changed thus
he bore on shield and coat,
as sigil of faith and trust
and gentlest laird of note.

Let His Grace Nigel speak to the virtue of Franchise

Let Maestra Jocelyn speak to the virtue of Fortitude

Let Mistress Keja speak to the virtue of Humility

Let Master Berend and Baroness Matilda speak to the virtue of Temperence

Let Magistra Nicolaa speak to the virtue of Justice

Let Her Grace Adrielle speak to the virtue of Honesty

Let the Honourable Lady Thorfinna speak to the virtue of Courage

(once all have spoken)

Xristina: (to the Order):  Good Companions of our Order of the Pelican, having heard these words, do you support the elevation of Laird Colyne to your Order?

(Pelicans respond)

Siegfried: (to Colyne) Good Laird Colyne, hearing these words, are you willing to accept this accolade?

(Colyne responds)

Herald:  The Crown and companions of the order, since they have heard say so much good about you, hoping that you will persevere and increase these deeds to the exaltation and honor of the order of the Pelican, and to your merit, praise and exaltation and recommendation, have elected you to be perpetually companion of this order and friendly company. Wherefore, you must make the oaths which follow, upon relics of your ancestral home and of the founding of the Society, to be witnessed by all.

(The reliquary is presented, to be held by TRM)

Will you, by your loyal power, you will aid and guard, sustain and defend the high lordship and rights of the Crown, so long as you shall live and belong to the Order of the Pelican?

(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

Will you, with all your power, work and labor to maintain the Order of the Pelican in a state of honor, and take pain to increase its honor without suffering it to decay or change, as far as you are able to remedy?
(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

Will you, if it should happen (God prevent!) that some fault is found in you whereby, according to the constitution of this present order you should be removed and dismissed, and summoned and required to return the sigil of the Order, you, in this case will return it sound and entire to the Crown?

(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

Will you bear peacibly and complete all other pains, punishments, or corrections, which for other lesser cases you are charged with or enjoined to by the order again without having or holding any rancor or hate toward the Crown?

(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

Will you come to and appear at the chapters and assemblies of the order, or send word according to the statutes and ordinances of said order; and that you will obey the Crown, or their delegates, in all reasonable matters touching and regarding the duty and affairs of this order?

(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

By your loyal power will you understand and carry out all the statutes, ordinances, articles and points of order which you have seen written or heard read, and these promised you swear in general and at the same time particularly and on each point you make a special oath.?

(Colyne responds “Upon my honour, I will”)

(The reliquary box is returned to the keeping of Mahhild)

Xristina: We have heard your words, and would receive you into this Order  Stand ready to receive the regalia.

Herald: Bring forth the medallion of the Order of the Pelican

(Kol will bring forward the medallion, say something about the lineage, and give it to Xristina.

Xristina: (placing the medallion around Colyne’s neck: Good Maister, the order receives you to its friendly company, and as a sign of this, presents you with this medallion.

Herald: Bring forth the livery of the Order.

(Coat and hood will be brought forward by Adrielle and given to Siegfried and Xristina,  who will help bestow it.

Siegfried:  Likewise, wear this livery, symbol of the burden you bear.

Xristina: May you wear it able to wear it long to the praise and service of the Kingdom, growth and honor of the order, of your merits and good name.

Siegfried: You have given us your oath. We would also have your fealty.

(Sword of state is brought forward for the oath)

I here swear fealty,
 To the Crown of the North
With oaths given and received
I shall serve the realm,
Through word and deed I shall speak true,
And act truer. I lend my hands and my heart,
And this solemn oath
As a Companion of your Order of the Pelican
Thus swear I….
Crown responds as it will.

Herald:  Hear now the words of the Crown (reads scroll)

To all Ealdormere's faithful people who shall see these letters, Siegfried, King and Xristina Queen, in the presence of Our noble and powerful Dukes and Duchess, Counts, Earls and Countesses, Barons and Baronesses, Masters,  Laurels, Pelicans, Knights and their squires, ladies and lords, and all in the future as well as the present, We greet you on this Feast of the Annunciation this 25th day in the month of March in the 51st  year of our society, in our beloved lands of Caldrithig, a place suitable and convenient for this.

We will and do grant by these Letters Patent, for us, our heirs and successors, with the common advice, assent and consent of many nobles, including Our beloved companions of the Order of the Pelican,  giving with sincere intent,  induction unto Colyne Stewart into the Order of the Pelican, for he has performed exemplary and long-standing service to Canton, Barony and Kingdom as historian, scribe and officer, always as one who provides an example of courtesy worthy of emulation.  We do create and advance him to the title and degree of Maister of the most noble Order of the Pelican, to be in all places of honor numbered a Peer of Our Realm, with all right, privileges, insignia, precedence, and responsibilities thereto appertaining.  We affirm by these Letters Patent his right to bear the arms per pale gules and argent, a fox rampant counterchanged. In token whereof, We grant him the privilege of displaying above his shield, in whole or in part, the achievement proper to the Order: to wit, a cap of maintenance gules trimmed argent plumetty gules, the whole goutty de sang.

We wishing to recognize his devotion and goodwill and on account of such faithful service and loyalty  do establish by this his present  charter, to Colyne Stewart, that land called in the vernacular Drews End,  to hold of him in feu and heritage with all its just perinents, as contained by the King's Highway to the north, thence  west and south along the Crossroad Creek , thence east along coast  till it comes to the Royal Forrest of Beaton , thence north over the fen back to the King's Highway.  Such lands shall belong to our ally and friend, whole, free and undisturbed in perpetuity, without any kind of subjection, service claim or demand, with liberty of fishing in the loch and with liberties in the forest of Beaton.   And wheresoever any letters, charters, deeds or instruments may be discovered bearing upon obligations, conventions and compacts of this nature, We will that they be deemed cancelled, invalid, of no effect and void, and of no value or moment.

If any, however, should try, against Our wishes, to harm this charter, through the spite of oppressive covetousness, may they, falling down to the swirling masses of noisome darkness, be cursed, into everlasting fire, where they may be tormented in a cruel punishment by demons with heated iron instruments of torture if they do not change this before their death with appropriate penitence.
That the certainty of foreknowing may give true and clear remembrance of the past and to that  it is forever to be known, this shall be executed in manuscript  and be proclaimed in the Barony of Caldrithig bearing the seal of the Crown, together with the seals of  the Ducal house of Arrochar.  

Dated this 25th of the month of March in the 51st  year of our society in the reign of Siegfried and Xristina. 

Xristina:  Arise, Maister Colyne, and greet the companions of your Order.

Herald:   For Maister Colyne Stewart, Companion of the Pelican, Wassail!

For the Order of the Pelican, Wassail!

For the Crown and Kingdom of Ealdormere, Wassail!

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