Monday, December 7, 2020


 I haven't been posting much here this Yeare of the Plague, but Thorfinna and I have been keeping ourselves busy making (and helping others make) videos for the Kingdom of Ealdormere's Youtube channel.

So then this happened on Saturday:

It's a little hard to hear with the wind and traffic but here's a transcription of the scroll:

Since the fortune of all is created such that it can never remain in one state, such that when one seems to be prosperous, one is plunged into adversity. Whence you all know, that there is very great affliction throughout the Kingdom and indeed all lands. We are all the more tortured, because We are separated in body from all Our subjects. This tribulation has a beginning, but the end is not known; it never diminishes; it has newly arisen but does not tend to set. Because of this, Our anguish is everywhere and We did not know what We should do.

In answer to our pious pleas came forth the efforts of two of our populace such that that this malaise may be made tolerable and lighter for us all.

We have been much consoled and you can rejoice with Us that We have found great harmony beyond what could be believed, and great happiness and joy through the efforts of Colyne Stewart and Þorfinna gráfeldr and We commend them in all things and wish to demonstrate to all the high esteem in which We hold them.

With the contents of these lines, We commit to the memory of everyone concerned these words of praise and commendation.

We, Amelius Claudius Rattanicus and Isabel Atwyll, by perseverance and patience King and Queen of Ealdormere in these burdensome times, have the great duty and privilege to recognize those whose skill, knowledge and efforts increases and strengthens Our fair land during these vexatious times. Coylne and Þorfinna have displayed a vast and imaginative skills, furthermore they have greatly added to the splendor of Our Realm and given all the gift of laughter, music, information, education and entertainment to gladden the hearts of all. They have lifted the body of our people with such gifts, and they have nourished the very soul of our Kingdom in their service to Our Realm.

For these good works and services, and in recognition of the love and esteem We hold for Coylne and Þorfinna, We do so grant them the rank and estate of Baron and Baroness of Our Court with all rights and privileges thereto appertaining. And further, We charge them in their new estate to continue their works, to wit to ensure the growth and prosperity and tithe of their graces to lift the spirits of all the peoples of Our realm as they are so able to.

This is so done and given by our hands on the 5th Day of December, Anno Societatis 55, being the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas, at their keep, Raven's Roost.

This was very humbling, and incredibly meaningful to us, both for receiving the first award of the Plague Reign of Their Majesties Ranntanicus and Isabel, to be receiving it from Their hands as we they are great friends who have been doing so  much for the kingdom Themselves, for having our joint Laurel in attendance, and for the Herald and Videographer also being good friends. We are truly honoured.

[Edit: I have updated my full Achievement of Arms to reflect that I am a Plague Baron,]

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