Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Deed of Arms at War of the Trillium

At the conclusion of my deed of arms on Monday, I was approached by Lord Fulk Beauxarmes, my sword-brother and friend. He asked me if I would stand with him as one of three tenans at an emprise he was organizing for this summer. I was deeply honoured, and accepted immediately.

There is a Facebook event for the deed available; below I have pasted the proclamation Lord Fulk had earlier made.

Under the eyes of my Sovereign Lord the King of Ealdormere, Nigel II, and of his gracious Queen, Adrielle II, and also of their Heirs Prince Siegfried and Princess Ragni, do I, Lord Fulk Beauxarmes, give greeting, honour and all joy to those who hath taken up the most noble profession of arms in these northern lands.
For though I am but the most base and lowly of all the warriors of the Northlands, let all know that I be desirous of the advancement of the noble profession of arms, and also of the exaltation of the name and renown of my Lady Wife, the Honourable Lady Urraca de la Mar; and therefore I hath most humbly supplicated and entreated my aforesaid Sovereigns that I might be granted license and permission to perform a deed of arms at the War of the Trilliums, for it should be shame were so many noble warriors to be gathered in one place and no small emprise should come of it. And to this entreaty through their wisdom, mercy and the love of arms hath my most gracious sovereigns right generous assented to, even from such a low creature as myself.

And so, being minded of the most puissant passage of arms of Don Suero de Quiñones, a famous knight of Leon who alongside his friends and companions in ancient days vowed to break three lances each upon a hundred challengers upon the Órbigo Bridge in Castile, let our Passo Honroso be of the form and manner following:

Upon a bridge at the War of the Trilliums shall be three tenans, each armed and armoured as pleases them best; and they shall hold the bridge against all who seek to come against them, either singly one to each or by threes all together, with matched weapons in honourable combat as is the custom of our Society; and they who fight shall discuss and agree upon which weapons shall be matched before their bout begins; and each bout shall last of three stout blows as is the custom; and should through chance or skill a tenan be defeated in honourable combat then shall the challenger take their place upon the bridge as a tenan upon the bridge in turn; and the tenans shall hold the bridge for one hundred bouts all counted for the joy and honour of the profession of arms and the exaltation of those who inspire them; and these three hundred stout blows shall be in remembrance of the lances of Don Suero Él del Passo; and also let there be a place set aside nearby that there may be private challenges as are wont to arise when so many noblemen and warriors do gather together in arms.

And for to make advancement of the profession of arms there shall be no preference of rank nor title, for so that the lowliest squire or man-at-arms might cross swords with the greatest of worldly lords without they be reproached or shamed; and that all who witness know we be not villeins, or routiers, or any such low persons, let all they who gather for this honourable passage of arms make proud display of their badge or heraldry, by shield and surcoat and banner and all the divers means of display, that the fame and honour of those who meet in this Passo Honroso be enhanced; and let each who make challenge of the tenans declare forth their name and style, and the name and style of the one who hath inspired them to do this deed; and so too shall the names and blazons be recorded in a book that their deeds might be remembered forevermore and not fade in the passing of years.

And in attendance upon the Passo Honroso shall be a gallery of good persons and true, and being chiefly ladies; and they shall decide amongst themselves and secretly which of the Great Virtues of Chivalry shall be their touchstone upon this day; and that gallery shall attend most closely upon the combatants upon the bridge; and they shall gather to decide amongst themselves which exemplar of that said Virtue be best displayed upon that field; and among all they shall award unto that single exemplar a riband to bear upon their arm or belt thereafter, that all might know the worth of that good warrior and true; and let the combatants know not which Virtue hath been decided upon, lest they be tempted to neglect any one of the Virtues of Chivalry in favour of any other, but rather let the Virtues be practiced and exalted all.

And by the word of my most modest and gentle wife, the Honorable Lady Urraca de la Mar, let this Passo Honroso be accomplished in the name of all those who give thankless service to the Society, be that service great or small, lest those who make sacrifice of their tasks think they do so unnoticed; but rather by this deed their service shall be honoured of us all, and be given deserved gratitude.

And to add greater faith and security to this letter, I Fulk Beauxarmes, seneschal of the Canton of Petrea Thule, have sealed it with the seal of my arms, written and dated from Petrea Thule upon the Feast of St. Osburga, this 5th day of April in the year AS 49.

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