Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Deed of Colyne Stewart: Part 2

Photo by THL Thorfinna gra'feldr.

Many, many thanks to all those who came out, who did me the honour of crossing blades with me, who came to witness the event, or who assisted in running the deed. Special thanks to His Majesty Ealdormere who acted as the king-of-arms, to Her Majesty Ealdormere who was the inspiration, to Magistra Nicolaa who acted as the deed's herald, THL Jocelyn Cranewell who acted as scribe, and to Anton who served  as my man-at-arms. Just, stout blows were given and received, as were tokens. Honour flowed like water. Though all who took part fought well and good, only one could be awarded the prize--a greave made by my own hand. The judges (TRMs and Nicolaa) declared that the one fighter who had shone brightest with chivalry, courtesy and prowess had been THL Hans Thorvaldsson.

I love this style of fighting, and hope to see more deeds and pas d'armes occur in the future. If you missed this one, there will be at least two coming this summer. One will be hosted by the White Bear Fian at Pikeman's Pleasure, and the other will be hosted by Lord Fulk at the War of the Trillium.

Photo by THL Eirik Andersen.

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